About RPG Management LLC

RPG Management LLC is an investment company that purchases, leases, manages, and sells commercial properties including self-storage facilities, office space and multi-family communities. RPG was established in 2004 by Christopher Roush, CEO and visionary of the company.

RPG’s goal is to acquire and/or develop self-storage and multi-family apartment communities with a value-add opportunity. The value-add opportunity may be poor management, below-market rents, deferred maintenance or properties in need of renovation. By buying properties that meet one of these conditions.

Christopher is the key player in the acquisition and management of these properties. The core of the company’s business model revolves around finding desirable properties, obtaining financing for them and then developing a plan for management. That plan may include a strategy to hold the property for the long term, or sell it for capital.

RPG Management is dedicated to the use of real estate investments for the protection, preservation and enhancement of invested capital. The combination of real estate expertise and multi-discipline skills with a philosophy of “hands-on” management has resulted in past success and is the foundation upon which the company is building a limitless future in real estate investment.

Christopher Roush

Owner, Chief Executive Officer
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Christopher’s passion is his business, which began with the purchase of a rental house in 2003, at the age of 17. Fast forward 20 years and he is working harder than ever to continue to grow the business by creating and cultivating relationships within the industry. He is always looking to expand the portfolio and is keenly focused on the success of the company.

Deana Roush

Chief Operating Officer
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Deana has been by Christopher’s side since the beginning, unwavering in her support of him. She is passionate about the success of their family business. Deana has a Doctorate in Management Practice of Anesthesia from Marshall University. Until recently, she worked on a part-time basis in the medical industry, before stepping back in the summer of 2021 to focus solely on the business. Deana is excited to focus on the operations within the company and further its vision and growth.

Kyle Norris

Chief Financial Officer
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Kyle has been with RPG since 2015. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from Ohio University. He is a dedicated and passionate member of the team and works tirelessly to achieve the goals set forth by Christopher and Deana. Kyle is detail oriented and is responsible for the accounting and IT departments, while helping to keep the team focused on key performance indicators that ensure the financial growth of the company.

Andee Swartz

Operations Manager
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Andee joined the RPG team in 2023. She has more than 20 years of experience in corporate leadership roles and entrepreneurial ventures. She is an authentic, energetic and caring leader that is relentlessly focused on delivering results. Her passion for operations has resulted in cost savings, sales growth, operational efficiencies and significant competitive advantage.

Don Steen

Construction Manager

Faith Halbert

Acquisitions Manager
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Since joining the company in 2022, Faith has been privileged to contribute to various aspects of RPG Management as a Mid-Ohio Valley property manager for Rhino Storage Group.

Building on this experience, she has transitioned into the role of Acquisitions Manager, where she has been entrusted with assessing market conditions, identifying valuable real estate opportunities, and negotiating purchase agreements. This role allows her to leverage expertise in property management and market analysis to assist with driving strategic growth and expansion for the company.

Sabra Moore

Executive Assistant
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Sabra is a dynamic addition to RPG Management. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Concentration in Human Resource Management. Over the course of 6 years, she has honed her expertise in creating and executing highly effective marketing campaigns, resulting in increased brand awareness and driving sales.

Her proficiency in digital marketing, particularly in the realm of social media, positions her as an invaluable asset to the team. Sabra’s understanding and appreciation of human capital makes her well-equipped to navigate the intricacies of team dynamics and organizational culture.

Moreover, her knowledge in Marketing & Real Estate adds depth to her capabilities, allowing her to approach challenges with a multifaceted perspective. Sabra brings a unique blend of skills to the table.

Josh Davis

Maintenance Technician